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Add teaching skills to your dance skills

Add teaching skills to your dance skills. There is currently a large skills shortage of professional dancers with the broad skills base required to teach across a wide age range from young students to older learners. To help solve the problem a Certificate III in Assistant Dance Teaching has just been added to the NSW Smart and Skilled list. The Cert III will provide you with the practical skills development necessary to teach across a wide range of abilities, cultures and socio-economic communities. Check out the possibilities at

Which school subjects should you choose?

These flyers are suitable for both school-based apprenticeships or post-school apprenticeships. Each flyer sets out a possible career path for the student and then suggests the elective subjects that will make that career path possible. The subject lists cover choices in years 9 & 10 and 11 & 12. The flyers are designed to make sourcing information easy for careers advisers too. Each flyer features a strong, identifiable image that indicates each type of apprenticeship. Laid out side by side, comparisons between subject choices are simple.


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