What is a Training Package?

A Training Package is a nationally endorsed and recognised set of integrated components for training and assessment for a specific industry, industry sector or enterprise that can be used for developing and recognising people's competencies.

When you use Training Packages for training and assessment leading to nationally recognised qualifications, you must use the endorsed components-they provide the benchmarks for training and assessment and the rules you must follow in assessing competency and issuing qualifications.

However, you need more than these endorsed components to provide adequate learning and assessment services-you also need a range of resources to facilitate the teaching, learning and assessment processes. These are referred to as the 'Training Package support materials' and can include learner guides, assessment tools, professional development materials, trainee record books and so on.

Trainers and assessors have the freedom to choose which particular Training Package support materials they use to meet the outcomes of the Training Package and the needs of clients. They can select support materials from a range of sources including from the Training Package developer or other organisations that develop resources, or they can design or adapt their own support materials.


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