Job Detail

   Production Manager

Employees organise the business, finance and employment issues in all genres in television production including documentaries, current affairs, light entertainment or children's programs, situation comedies, soaps or serial dramas, or one off dramas.
They are responsible for all the organisational aspects of production scheduling and budgeting. They perform a range of tasks, which vary according to the needs and size of a production. They may:
compile program details and arrange rehearsal times
prepare production schedules or script breakdowns
organise production resources
monitor schedules and budgets throughout shoots
deal with any contingencies during pre-production and shooting, and prepare workable alternative plans
oversee all aspects of the day to day running of shoots, from contract preparation to health and safety requirements
work closely with members of all other production departments, actors, and other contributors.

Qualification Information

Core Units (5 required)
  • Make a presentation
  • Collaborate in a creative process
  • Establish networks
  • Manage projects
  • Ensure a safe workplace
Elective Units (10 required)
  • Organise and facilitate rehearsals
  • Compile production schedules
  • Coordinate film and media production services and resources
  • Establish and manage production requirements and resources
  • Manage locations for film and media productions
  • Manage safety aspects of screen productions
  • Manage project risk
  • Manage budgets and financial plans
  • Manage recruitment, selection and induction processes
  • Ensure a safe workplace.

Course:  CUF50107 Diploma of Screen and Media

Training Package:  CUF07 Screen & Media Training Package

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