Job Detail

   Senior Props Maker

Props makers are involved in the construction of props and scenery for productions, events or exhibitions in the film, television and entertainment industries.
They may: interpret designs of stage designers or props coordinators; produce props for film and theatre productions; paint scenery backdrops according to designs for theatre sets; build, source and install specific props for sets; build, source and assemble entire sets according to specified designs; instruct stagehands or production crew members on the installation and movement of props during production and; maintain or modify props for use on other productions.

Qualification Information

CORE UNITS (4 required)
  • Work effectively in the screen and media industriesSource and apply entertainment industry knowledge
  • Monitor a safe workplace
  • Coordinate production operations
  • Promote team effectiveness
ELECTIVE UNITS (10 required)
  • Develop props construction plans to meet design requirements
  • Use research, innovation and experimentation to create props
  • Make prop furniture
  • Make props using mixed media
  • Apply art finishing
  • Establish and manage production requirements and resources
  • Interpret and respond to a design brief
  • Manage projects
  • Make scale models
  • Provide training through instruction and demonstration of work skills

Course:  CUF40607 Certificate IV in Scenery and Set Construction

Training Package:  CUF07 Screen & Media Training Package

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