Job Detail

   Event Co-ordinator

Employees coordinate plan and organise special events, such as banquets, meetings, conferences and conventions. They may work in a range of arts and cultural environments such as galleries, museums, film and television production companies.

Qualification Information

CORE UNITS (6 required)
  • Work in a culturally diverse environment
  • Implement workplace health, safety and security procedures
  • Lead work teams
  • Work within an arts organisation context
  • Work with arts professionals in an arts organisation
  • Develop and implement arts administration systems and procedures
ELECTIVE UNITS (13 required)
  • Establish business networks
  • Promote innovation and change
  • Manage effective workplace relationships
  • Develop innovative ideas at work
  • Manage a project
  • Organise in-house functions
  • Develop and update knowledge of protocol
  • Select venues and sites
  • Develop and update events industry knowledge
  • Co-ordinate guest/delegate registrations at venue
  • Plan, develop and deliver activities, events and programs
  • Co-ordinate installation and dismantling of small exhibitions
  • Address legal and administrative requirements

Course:  CUV40503 Certificate IV in Arts Administration

Training Package:  CUV03 Visual Arts, Craft & Design Training Package

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