Job Detail

   Junior Furniture Design Assistant

Employees create designs for the manufacture of domestic, commercial and industrial furniture using multimedia and computer aided processes.

Qualification Information

CORE UNITS (10 required)
  • Originate concept for own work and conduct critical discourse
  • Follow health, safety and security procedures
  • Select and apply drawing techniques and media to represent and communicate the concept
  • Source and apply design industry knowledge
  • Research and apply the history and theory of design to design practice
  • Apply colour theory in response to a brief
  • Apply the design process to 2-dimensional work in response to a brief
  • Apply the design process to 3-dimensional work in response to a brief
  • Integrate colour theory and design processes in response to a brief
  • Interpret and respond to a brief
ELECTIVE UNITS (8 required)
  • Research and apply techniques for the design of products
  • Research and experiment with techniques to produce wood objects
  • Produce computer-aided drawings
  • Produce technical drawings
  • Work within a furniture design team
  • Produce drawings from design concepts
  • Produce line and component production drawings
  • Produce patterns and/or templates

Course:  CUV40303 Certificate IV in Design

Training Package:  CUV03 Visual Arts, Craft & Design Training Package

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