Job Detail

   Photo or Minilab Retail Assistant

Employees are involved in development of black-and-white or coloured photographic film and production of photographic prints using automatic, computer-based or other processes. Also involved in retail work such as sales of cameras and related equipment, use of point of sale handling procedures and relating to customers.

Qualification Information

CORE UNITS (11 required)
  • Source and apply photoimaging industry knowledge
  • Follow health, safety and security procedures
  • Work with others
  • Research and apply information on the traditions which inform photoimaging practice
  • Integrate colour theory and design processes in response to a brief
  • Apply photoimaging lighting techniques
  • Plan and carry out image capture in response to a brief
  • Process photoimages to work print/file stage
  • Enhance, manipulate and output photoimages
  • Prepare, store and maintain finished work
  • Interpret and respond to a brief
ELECTIVE UNITS (7 required)
  • Recommend cameras, photographic equipment and services
  • Operate retail equipment
  • Apply point of sale handling procedures
  • Interact with customers
  • Balance register/terminal
  • Perform stock control procedures
  • Merchandise products

Course:  CUV40403 Certificate IV in Photoimaging

Training Package:  CUV03 Visual Arts, Craft & Design Training Package

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