Skill Set Chart

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Music Tutor Skill Set

Training Package:  CUS09 Music Training Package

Target Group This skill set is for music teachers who provide private instrumental and/or vocal tuition as part of a small business operation and whose own musicianship skills are equivalent to relevant units in the CUS60109 Advanced Diploma of Music.
BSBSMB405A Monitor and manage small business operations
CUSIND401A Develop specialist expertise in the music industry
CUSLED501A Provide instrumental or vocal tuition
TAADEL403B Facilitate individual learning
Pathway These units of competency provide credit towards the following qualifications (and other qualifications that allow for selection of the same units)
  • BSB40407 Certificate IV in Business (Small Business Management)
  • TAA40104 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
Suggested form of words for Statement of Attainment These units of competency from the Business Services (BSB07), Music (CUS09) and Training and Assessment (TAA04) Training Packages meet the requirements for providing instrumental and/or vocal tuition to individuals in a private studio.