Skill Set Chart

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Technical/Scientific Field-Based Photoimaging Skill Set

Training Package:  CUV03 Visual Arts, Craft & Design Training Package

Target Group This skill set is for technical/scientific field officers who, as part of their day-to-day job duties, use photo imagery to primarily record and document animals, plants, landforms etc. Technical/scientific field officers may also capture a limited number of images for media purposes.

This skill set must complement an appropriate qualification (Certificate IV or above) or relevant vocational experience in a related industry discipline. It is imperative the industry discipline influences and determines the context/constraints of the skill set's application, as well as dictating the necessary OH&S requirements.
CUFCMP301A Implement copyright arrangements
CUFDIG303A Produce and prepare photo images
CUVPHI05A Use a 35mm SLR camera or digital equivalent*
CUVPHI06A Plan and carry out image capture in response to a brief
CUVPHI07A Process photoimages to a work print/file stage*
BSBADM407B Administer projects
BSBPMG510A Manage projects
PSPPM402B Manage simple projects
PSPPM405A Administer simple projects
Pathway Some of these units provide credit towards the following qualification (and other qualifications that allow for selection of the same units):
  • CUV40403 Certificate IV in Photoimaging
Suggested form of words for Statement of Attainment These units from the Business Services, Screen and Media, Visual Arts Craft and Design and Public Sector Training Packages (BSB07, CUF07, CUV03 and PSP04) meet industry requirements for technical/scientific field officers.