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CUL04   Museum, Library/Information Services Training Package

Endorsed date: 30 June 2004
Review by date: 30 July 2007 (Please note: The Training Package remains endorsed until it is replaced by a new version).
Status: Current
Nominal hours: Contact your local State Training Authority
Number of competency standards: 222 (including 172 imported units)
Number of qualifications: 10

Qualifications of this Training Package:

Certificate I:

Certificate II:

CUL20104 Certificate II in Library/Information Services
CUL20204 Certificate II in Museum Practice

Certificate III:

CUL30104 Certificate III in Library/Information Services
CUL30204 Certificate III in Museum Practice

Certificate IV:

CUL40104 Certificate IV in Library/Information Services
CUL40204 Certificate IV in Museum Practice


CUL50104 Diploma of Library/Information Services
CUL50204 Diploma of Museum Practice

Advanced Diploma:

CUL60104 Advanced Diploma of Library/Information Services
CUL60204 Advanced Diploma of Museum Practice

Vocational Graduate Certificate:

Vocational Graduate Diploma:

Skill Sets of this Training Package:

Pathways of this Training Package: