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There's an art to success. The training packages are designed to help creative people get an edge on the competition and learn how to turn their abilities into skills capable of generating personal and professional profit.

CUA Creative Arts and Culture Training Package - Overview

Creative activity has become interdisciplinary and traditional boundaries between art forms, individual practitioners and institutions are breaking down. The following examples illustrate this ‘convergence’ of art forms and job roles.

There is also another reality driving change in the creative and cultural industries. Traditional artisan skills must be complemented by practical business skills. Research consistently shows that most arts practitioners are sole operators or contractors who support themselves, in whole or in part, by performing their craft or skill. Basic business skills, including finance, marketing, planning, project management, entrepreneurship, content protection and management, contract negotiation and customer relations are essential.

The digital revolution is a key driver of many of the changes taking place. Digital technologies have changed the way many creative products are generated, distributed and marketed. They have challenged existing business practices and brought about new business models, such as crowd-funding and customer co-creation.

CUA Creative Arts and Culture version 2

As a result of industry changes outlined above, in 2015 five separate training packages were consolidated into the CUA Creative Arts and Culture Training Package. In addition, some components from the CUL11 Library, Information and Cultural Services Training Package were brought into the CUA Creative Arts and Culture Training Package, while others were moved to the BSB Business Services Training Package.

Having one training package for the creative and cultural industries will:

CUA Creative Arts and Culture Training Package version 2 is currently available to view and download on the (TGA) website.

The CUA Creative Arts and Culture Training Package contains:

Queries regarding the CUA Creative Arts and Culture Training Package can be forwarded to PwC’s Skills for Australia who is now responsible for this Training Package. Email or call 1800 714 819.