Financial & Insurance Services

The benefits of continuing training for existing employees

Employers in the Financial and Insurance Services Industry in NSW are very aware that if they are to meet the challenges of

  • rapidly changing technology
  • increasing regulation and compliance
  • maintaining productivity

they will only be successful if their employees are trained and skilled to perform effectively in the workplace. Both the Commonwealth and NSW Governments are also aware of these impacts on industry and the need for continuing training of existing employees and have available assistance to those employers who request it.

The first step in the process is to identify which skills training is needed by existing employees so they can cope with evolving technology, successfully work with regulations and maintain workplace productivity.


Government initiatives to support continuing workforce training

There are a number of current initiatives developed by the Commonwealth and NSW governments to assist employers who have identified the need to commence a program of skills training for existing employees.

Existing worker traineeships (Australian Apprenticeships)

These are administered as in the same fasion as Australian Apprenticeships see Benefits of Employing an Australian Apprentice. Existing worker traineeships normally commence at Certificate IV.