Property Services


Property Services is an area where you can build a strong career through vocational education and training. Meeting various licensing or regulatory requirements, which are often underpinned by meeting training package requirements is also essential if you want to work within this sector. Over recent years there has been a strong movement to improve industry standards, promote ongoing training and upskilling of the workforce. Increasing work force participation and overcoming skills shortages are seen as new challenges in the years ahead.

To work effectively in any industry, people need to be trained. Training can be undertaken in the workplace, off the job, at a training organisation, during regular work, or through work experience, work placement or work simulation. In most instances training does not rely on one method, but rather a combination of these methods.

Training and qualifications for industries are organised into Training Packages which are part of a National Training Framework that aims to make skills development and training arrangements simple, flexible and relevant to the needs of industry.

This website aims to help you find your way through the many educational possibilities.