Security Industries


Security Services is an area where you can build a strong career through vocational education and training. Meeting various licensing or regulatory requirements, which are often underpinned by meeting training package requirements is also essential if you want to work within this sector. Over recent years there has been a strong movement to improve industry standards, promote ongoing training and upskilling of the workforce. Increasing work force participation and overcoming skills shortages are seen as new challenges in the years ahead.

The market within which Australian industry now competes is constantly evolving. Powerful new economies are emerging, cycles of change within industry sectors are more frequent and decisive; and there are growing calls for Australia to broaden its economic base .

The skills needed to respond to this environment are well captured within industry's Training Packages, but as national standards for workplace performance, they must continue to evolve if they are to identify and anticipate the skill needs of each industry . The Security Industry provides a diverse range of exciting careers, from technical security which includes sophisticated alarm technologies and biometrics to the physical protection of critical infrastructure.You can start your security career from Certificate 1 in Security Operation and progress to a Certificate IV in Security and Risk Assessment, Diploma of Security and Risk Management or University studies in Security. For those interested in Technical Security there is also a career path available to you.